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6Elements Diagnostic Template

Andrews2™ Straight-Wire Appliance


Please visit the Henry Schein Orthodontics’ website,, for more information on this product.



6Elements Diagnostic Sheet

Six Elements Diagnostic Sheet©™


This one-page sheet is organized for recording Six Element diagnostic data and treatment planning information.
Price: Free. Click Here to Download the PDF.



6Elements Diagnostic Template

Six Elements Diagnostic Template©™


Used for drawing straight lines, tracing incisors into Element I positions, measuring the inclinations of the forehead and the occlusal plane, and measuring chin prominence.
Price: $30 (US) plus tax (if applicable) and shipping and handling.



6Elements Diagnostic Template

Andrews™ Articulator System


The only articulator system designed specifically for orthodontists and surgeons.


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6Elements Diagnostic Template

Two 10-Hour Force Theory Patient Education Illustrations


1. Plaque: Suitable for hanging on the wall of an operatory: $85.
2. Laminate: Can be filed conveniently in a drawer until needed: $25 each or 5 for $100.



6Elements ONLINE™

6Elements ONLINE™


Intuitive, server-hosted Six Elements diagnostic software and records archiving.